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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Oh dear the merest flutter of wings.

                    Today for the first time in almost a year I heard the flutter of those tiny wings and the butterfly was aroused!!!! Somehow my eyes were drawn to my now antique collection of 15mm ancients and a few quick thoughts crossed my mind. I'm sure you know what I mean .

Thoughts like:-
              What rules system.
               Big bases
               Packed troops
               Impetus or maybe dux bellorum redated.

                   It was a soft flutter but nothing serious and I managed to return to 2 battalions of Bavarians and a half rgt of cuirassiers but it's quite worrying. Oh yeah and I found the last delivery from Pendraken for the planned expansion for my imaginations across the great lake into the wild woods of the east. 10mm Cossacks and woodsmen ..  Planned in a moment of madness here With Growing Excitement

               Who knows????????


  1. I wish my encounters with the butterfly were mere 'soft flutters', but I am a mere weak minded soul that is easily distracted...

    1. I have found that blogging really helps to dull the sound. Seems if I say it on the blog then I have to finish it. There are times it fails like the imaginations expansion but over the last couple of years it has often done the trick.

  2. The great range of possibilities of our hobby is one of it's great strengths, but it can lead to such a diffuse array of projects that nothing ever really comes to fruition. Being a determined sort, I have only rarely had that problem myself! :-)

    1. Since I retired 3 years ago and more importantly started to blog I have forced myself to be more concentrated. Of the three projects I started in that time I have completed the original targets with forces for both sides. I am to say the least shocked. That's an absolute first for me. I have a small collection of carrier bags in the backroom cupboard where i have my lead mountain squirreled away. I built the mountain back in the 90's but stopped when i switched to building only hair curler armies so the mountain is kind of frozen. I do however have a lot of haircurlers heheheheh

  3. I've given up trying to work on just one project at a time and now just do everything that my eye alights upon. I've been retired three years as well and find I am working on things I started decades ago. Apart from some 6mm Napoleonics which I am now thinking are more a curse than bonanza, there are 15mm, 20mm and 25mm Napoleonic projects across at least three rules sets (Napoleon's Battles, Blucher and Songs of Drums and Shakos). Significant progress is currently happening with my Burgundians (15mm - Fields of Glory) and I'm getting dangerously close to finishing an 800 point army. ACW (15mm - Fire and Fury) is good to go, as is Stalingrad (20mm Crossfire). Still searching for the perfect set of Napoleonic naval rules. Have Vikings, will do SAGA. My Hellenistic armies have various units being added ranging from partially painted to still in original wrapping. There is a heap of WW2 20mm and 15mm things I have underway and then there are a few fantasy figures and projects (principally Barsoom) to get moving on. Then there are things I'd like to do (Dead Man's Hand the closest to starting, but I fancy some samurai and a DBA campaign). Then there are boardgames...

    I do spend a good bit of time on blogging (posts and reading). Not sure if that is good or bad - great for inspiration, bad for causing butterfly wings to flutter. One thing that gives me heart is to look at my blog and see that I actually do make progress.