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Sunday, 16 August 2015

almost compulsory

                   I recently saw a post for a site called they have republished the wonderful series of booklets by W.J. Rawkins produced I believe in the late '70's
These were simply the best reference books available at the time. It's hard to explain just how much information was hidden in the pages of these booklets which covered most of the small nations. They have been updated and produced in PDF form on DVD. THEY ARE NOT DOWNLOADS. they are however very cheap at 3,99 GBP . I cannot recommend them enough...

In particular I love statements like the infantry were ordered to wear shakos in 1809 but many still wore bicorns in 1811. That's the sort of detail you really need.


  1. Oh dear, I see most if not all of these being added to my library!

    1. I have another on the Hessians. The collection is the best "everything in one place" buy I've made in years