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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The bavarian adventure begins.

                  No I'm not dead just been enjoying the incredible sunshine here in Cataluña. Best summer in the 30 years I have lived here. Work still goes on with my 1809 MDF armies. With the appearance of helmeted figures from Commission Figurines I decided to start on the VII corps. Infantry were no problem , rtillery only required removal of packs from the infantry . The real problem was the cavalry. I tried adapting the Austrians with card or even green stuff but couldn't get the look of the Bavarians so in the end i resorted to the annoying practice of removing heads and sticking on heads from the infantry. Fortunately it gave me the results I wanted. (Walt will probably produce bavarian cavalry now I have sorted it :) )
                  So far I have finished 3x line battalions, 1x12ib artillery unit, 1x light battalion and some inserts for our blucher bases in the form of skirmishers and attached artillery. I also have more artillery prepped and a cavalry regiment:- here are the results so far.

Some of the nicest figures in MDF so far.


The light battalion. The green I used here was the correct one but I think it could have been done with applying the lighter is better rule as it doesn't look right in real life.

The next items are for inserts on Blucher bases . More on this later..

 12lb artillery unit. these are simply infantry minus their back packs.

work in progress
above more artillery
left and right:  cavalry. These are austrians with heads added from the infantry. They look like they will do the job.

                  Time to crack on.

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