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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Blucher basing Final decision

                       In an earlier post I described some experiments we had been doing with Blucher basing.  We use metal based infantry units of 40x20mm. We settled on Blucher bases of 80x60mm allowing 4 infantry bases leaving a 20mm strip at the rear for elan etc. like those shown below

 Now these look really good on the table with a mass of troops . Very Napoleonic.

 The problem with this configuration was that as our battles got bigger we began to run out of troops. We decided therefore that we would remove one of the front bases and reduce to three and replace the base with two blank inserts.

This configuration not only still looked good but somehow was aesthetically better. The bases took on a more dioramic look. This was the way to go.

During the process of trying this we decided to add trait markers making the bases more identifiable.
Here are our final results

 We have found this not only looks good but speeds up the game. We rarely forget to factor in skirmishers or attached batteries now heheheheh.


  1. This method has flexibility. I have recently received a bonanza of 6mm figures that I feel I can almost do individual big bases (I was thinking 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches which is close to 80mm by 60mm - I really should go metric). I worry that having smaller bases to add to the big base would be too fiddly, but then, if I was using plastic bases I could always secure with a dab of PVA glue or similar.

    My other concern is labels. Even if I go with a roster (my current thinking) I am still going to need a base id of some sort.

    I look forward to seeing your forces in action.

  2. Part of my reasoning for taking a flexible option was that I had just finished re-basing around 2000 6mm miniatures to play our "Altar of freedom" / "Snappy nappy" rules hybrid. Which incidentally I still prefer playing. This re-basing made me swear never to repeat again :) . Fortunately the base sizes chosen and the fact we chose metal bases means they are now suitable for a huge number of rule sets with the use of a magnetic sabot. Yes of course large diorama bases are aesthetically pleasing with the figures fixed in various formations but they have the problem that you have fixed ID's, It's difficult to have attached cavalry or guns and if you use a roster, as you quite correctly say you still need a method of ID to tie them to the roster. Even more problematical is that war gamers are fickle creatures and the rule-set that is the flavour of the month this week may be replaced by another at the drop of a hat and you then have a rebasing situation all over again. no Flexibility for me every time. It's the most practical solution.

  3. Your bases look great, and the solutions you've come up with are very clever as well as functional.
    I positively loathe re-basing, having done it with about 2,000 25mm troops years ago - never, ever again!

  4. Very clever scheme, and I do loathe rebasing myself!
    Tell us more about the SN/Altar of Freedom hybrid?
    You have some great stuff here, Robert, and if you don't mind I'm going to promote it a bit on my own blog.

    1. well it is as described a hybrid. I played altar of freedom and immediately fell in love with the command and control system. I particularly loved the variable time system using the clock. Very simple and extremely elegant. We tried using it for napoleonic but it just didn't feel right. Movement and combat were very much ACW. We also tried "Snappy nappy" enjoyed the rules but felt the C&C was a little cumbersome. Then after the legendary light bulb ignited I simply took an axe to both sets of rules and took the C&C from "AoE" and the movement and combat from "SN" . They went together seamlessly and the group loved them. I enjoy Blucher but still prefer the elegance of the variable length move not quite matched by Bluchers MO system.

  5. Very clever. Basing methods that serve as aide memoire add to the flow, and therefore the enjoyment of a game system.

    1. I have always had a terrible problem for remembering fine detail in rules and it has become steadily more of a problem as i get older. Anything that leaps out and hits me between the eyes has to be a winner heheh!

  6. What a great idea, the bases look superb too.