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Monday, 15 June 2015

Thoughts on basing for Blucher

                   We have now played several games of Blucher and are very satisfied with the results. So much so that we are going to launch the 1809 Danube campaign using the rules. Our units are based on metal bases 40x20 for infantry and 40x40 so our original thoughts were for sabot bases of 80x60 with 4 infantry or 2 cavalry and an id strip 80x20. the full kit would look like this.

 80x60 MDF with national flag on the back and magnetic strip on the front. The assembled bases would look like the pics on the right. Now these are perfectly adequate for normal games and should be the norm for the bulk of our games.

However when we started to calculate the numbers of troops required if a number of the corps inb our games combined then despite the large quantities of infantry we have, we would soon be struggling to field the forces. I have suggested therefore that we use the magnetic properties of the bases and build infantry bases with 2 off 40x20 bases and 4 off 20x20 blanks as per below.

 I don't like this so much but it does mean we could play VERY big battles without loosing too much visual appeal.  I then realised that we could use the blanks for some more visual markers that we currently put on the rear labels.

 Left:- skirmish trait

               Right:- attached artillery

Left:- attached cavalry forming a mixed brigade
                Right:- unit is prepared. I need to make the square a bit more visually appealing but I think it works just fine.

                             I think these work just fine and certainly highlight traits that might be missed using markers in a big battle. Thoughts anyone.


  1. How do you think they compare with Grande Armee?

    1. hard to answer that question as they are strictly a generals view of a battle and they are different. They are fast play, capture the feel of large battles and perfect when combined with the campaign system. If your looking for detailed combats and movement these are not the rules for you. If your looking for a way to fight battles of 4 or more corps per side in an afternoon and feel like your playing Napoleonics then these most certainly are for you. Much of the actions that we relate to napoleonic warfare are implicit within the confines of the ruleset. You cant form square, or column . Why would you it's not your job. Those actions are implicit within the combat factors. You need to hope the battalion commander knows his job and when you roll the die if it's a good one he got it right and if it's bad then he cocked up in style. The commanders job is to get him into combat with the right support and a good reserve if things go wrong or even go right. Hope this helps.

  2. At some point this year I'm due to play 'Blucher', so will be interested to see how they play. Personally I would just drop the suggested base sizes to around 40 x 30 or just stick with what you have. But then not having played the game i'm not sure what effect, if any, this would have. I've heard the that campaign system is very good.

    1. its important to remember that the base represents a large brigade formation of 3000 to 4000 men so the footprint is very big. Iif you drop the base size then things such as musketry become almost irrelevant. One of the things we found difficult to begin with is visualising the scale we were playing at . You have to think in hundreds of metres or even kilometres. We fouind it easir to get a handle on with a large base size with lots of troops on. To put things into perspective when the rules talk of attached guns they mean entire batteries of 6 to 8 guns.

    2. I see why you need big bases then. Thanks for the explanation:)