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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Oh goody..... New Toys

                             On Monday The postman brought me a packet of bits from "Commission figurines" Only one new item but oh what an item. Walt had been promising 6mm helmeted infantry for some time and I had kind of forgotten them. Well they certainly were worth the wait. I painted up 2 elements one as Austrians  and the other Bavarian. I am absolutely chuffed with them. With this addition almost all of the major states most of the minor states of 1809 can now be produced in MDF. Here's a few pictures:-

 Having painted these I am so tempted to launch into the Bavarian corps. Head says no produce some helmeted Austrians. Heart is yelling "BAVARIA" Why am I so fickle? heheh


  1. Blimey, those helmets look really good. Great work as always.

    1. Yes, I was gobsmacked when I saw them. He is getting very good at making this stuff

  2. Hi! I am making my first order for these tonight . I could really, really use a small tutorial on how you buikd your flag and drummer units! Any chance?