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Monday, 15 June 2015

All of the Saxons and onwards to Germany

            I have been quite busy lately. I bought and kind of learnt how to use CC3 the map making program and I now have a very fine map of the Bavarian theatre of operations in 1809 ready for our campaign . I finally completed the Saxon corps of 1809 which finalises the first of my corps for the German campaign. I then decided on the Austrian troops necessary for the Bavarian theatre. A very satisfying couple of weeks. Here are a few photos to fill out the post. All of the figures are of course in 6mm MDF from "commision figurines"

I have really enjoyed this corps. Lots of conversions, lot of reading and research and a joy to paint.

Did I also say I like bicornes. :) .

Having finished the Saxons and the army of  Italy I decided to move on into Bavaria. I chose the Austrian second reserve cavalry core as the first objective.  I have the half of it done so far. Very nice too

I had a moment of madness painting these. Each battalion of grenadiers was made from the grenadier companies of several battalions, so I painted different facing colours. Don't ask me why!!!!!

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  1. Superb work and a nice touch with the converged Grenadiers:).