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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Oh goody..... New Toys

                             On Monday The postman brought me a packet of bits from "Commission figurines" Only one new item but oh what an item. Walt had been promising 6mm helmeted infantry for some time and I had kind of forgotten them. Well they certainly were worth the wait. I painted up 2 elements one as Austrians  and the other Bavarian. I am absolutely chuffed with them. With this addition almost all of the major states most of the minor states of 1809 can now be produced in MDF. Here's a few pictures:-

 Having painted these I am so tempted to launch into the Bavarian corps. Head says no produce some helmeted Austrians. Heart is yelling "BAVARIA" Why am I so fickle? heheh

Monday, 15 June 2015

Thoughts on basing for Blucher

                   We have now played several games of Blucher and are very satisfied with the results. So much so that we are going to launch the 1809 Danube campaign using the rules. Our units are based on metal bases 40x20 for infantry and 40x40 so our original thoughts were for sabot bases of 80x60 with 4 infantry or 2 cavalry and an id strip 80x20. the full kit would look like this.

 80x60 MDF with national flag on the back and magnetic strip on the front. The assembled bases would look like the pics on the right. Now these are perfectly adequate for normal games and should be the norm for the bulk of our games.

However when we started to calculate the numbers of troops required if a number of the corps inb our games combined then despite the large quantities of infantry we have, we would soon be struggling to field the forces. I have suggested therefore that we use the magnetic properties of the bases and build infantry bases with 2 off 40x20 bases and 4 off 20x20 blanks as per below.

 I don't like this so much but it does mean we could play VERY big battles without loosing too much visual appeal.  I then realised that we could use the blanks for some more visual markers that we currently put on the rear labels.

 Left:- skirmish trait

               Right:- attached artillery

Left:- attached cavalry forming a mixed brigade
                Right:- unit is prepared. I need to make the square a bit more visually appealing but I think it works just fine.

                             I think these work just fine and certainly highlight traits that might be missed using markers in a big battle. Thoughts anyone.

All of the Saxons and onwards to Germany

            I have been quite busy lately. I bought and kind of learnt how to use CC3 the map making program and I now have a very fine map of the Bavarian theatre of operations in 1809 ready for our campaign . I finally completed the Saxon corps of 1809 which finalises the first of my corps for the German campaign. I then decided on the Austrian troops necessary for the Bavarian theatre. A very satisfying couple of weeks. Here are a few photos to fill out the post. All of the figures are of course in 6mm MDF from "commision figurines"

I have really enjoyed this corps. Lots of conversions, lot of reading and research and a joy to paint.

Did I also say I like bicornes. :) .

Having finished the Saxons and the army of  Italy I decided to move on into Bavaria. I chose the Austrian second reserve cavalry core as the first objective.  I have the half of it done so far. Very nice too

I had a moment of madness painting these. Each battalion of grenadiers was made from the grenadier companies of several battalions, so I painted different facing colours. Don't ask me why!!!!!