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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Memories of Troy

I refer of course to the wooden horse legend of Troy when the Greeks are said to have captured Troy by using a wooden horse. Now it's the turn of the French because I have just completed an entire reserve cavalry corps in MDF :)  .

           I have been working on this a while now. It represents the reserve cavalry corps serving in Italy with Eugene in 1809. The reality was some 6000 men. My troops are somewhat less but still has around 200 figures. here I present the force for your inspection. Once again the figures are 6mm MDF figures form "Commission figurines" The officers are from Adler.

A shot of the complete corps. I must say I can't wait to see it on the gaming table. Should be quite impressive. The corps was commanded initially by grouchy and the divisions from left to right are Guedin's dragoons, Pully's dragoons and Sahuc's light cavalry.

The left hand division consists of French regiments and the Italian dragoons. Some conversions here but most are straight from the box.

The centre division,  Pully's dragoons are French and again very few conversions

On the right is Sahuc's Light division. These featured in an earlier post.

Finally Grouchy's command base and the horse artillery attached at corp's level. These are scratch built limbers and teams and will eventually be replaced by MDF figures. 

                                       The completion of this corps marks the completion of the completion of the Italian army and my original target for this project. However I find myself completely immersed in the period right now so my next aim is the saxon corps serving with the army of Germany in 1809. I have a yearning for bicorne hats I guess!

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