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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Bits , Bobs and buildings

      W·e had a fairly large game this weekend of Blucher no photos yet. Great fun. I did however lose a lot of painting time in preparation.but managed to get a few things done including the last of the Saxon corps. Many pics to follow. 

First up the guard heavy artillery promised a while back. These feature Commision Figs new artillery with rammers etc. . To Be honest they are Royal Artillery but I had a knife handy . heheheheh

The Saxon Hussars were still dressed as per the turn of the century so these had to be conversions. Lot of work but I like the end result

Leibcuirassiers. Again a lot of conversion work but turned out ok

Next up are some buildings they I just can't praise enough. I have always been a fan of The beautiful 6mm buildings from Total battle miniatures. They recently released a Waterloo range using a reduced footprint something I have long moaned on about heheh.  A friend knowing my total inability to paint buildings offered to do the job for me. His painting easily matches the quality of the buildings. I have yet to mount them in some sort of terrain bases but they still look bloody great to me.My favourite the chateau of Ligny isn't finished yet but these will do for now. I have included some figures for comparison.

 Fichermont chateau. Really love this so in period.

 La haye saint

Mont st Jean

La Belle Alliance

The range is massive you can see it at

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