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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Bits , Bobs and buildings

      W·e had a fairly large game this weekend of Blucher no photos yet. Great fun. I did however lose a lot of painting time in preparation.but managed to get a few things done including the last of the Saxon corps. Many pics to follow. 

First up the guard heavy artillery promised a while back. These feature Commision Figs new artillery with rammers etc. . To Be honest they are Royal Artillery but I had a knife handy . heheheheh

The Saxon Hussars were still dressed as per the turn of the century so these had to be conversions. Lot of work but I like the end result

Leibcuirassiers. Again a lot of conversion work but turned out ok

Next up are some buildings they I just can't praise enough. I have always been a fan of The beautiful 6mm buildings from Total battle miniatures. They recently released a Waterloo range using a reduced footprint something I have long moaned on about heheh.  A friend knowing my total inability to paint buildings offered to do the job for me. His painting easily matches the quality of the buildings. I have yet to mount them in some sort of terrain bases but they still look bloody great to me.My favourite the chateau of Ligny isn't finished yet but these will do for now. I have included some figures for comparison.

 Fichermont chateau. Really love this so in period.

 La haye saint

Mont st Jean

La Belle Alliance

The range is massive you can see it at

Friday, 22 May 2015

Saxons ,,,Vorwarts!!

                             I have just completed the first of two Saxon divisions for the French IX corps of 1809. One of the most attractive features of gaming at corps level and in 6mm is that you get to model troops you wouldn't normally see on a gaming table. A complete Saxon corps in it's outdated uniforms being one of them. They are with a bit of conversion from the MDF range produced by "commission figurines" and very pretty they are too. I particularly like the new limbers etc. I see the range is now available for ordering on his web site. So for your enjoyment some pics of the division and it's components.

The complete division.

 The Leibgarde

Line infantry

divisional command and artillery

Cuirassiers. A lot of conversions here including adding muskets.

The light cavalry. Again a lot of conversions here.

      The second division is almost finished so hopefully I can post the whole corps next week!

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The saxons are coming

Nah I haven't returned to my dark age armies , rather I am building the Saxon corps of napoleons army in Germany 1809. Nothing much complete as yet but I am so chuffed with them I decided to put pictures up right away. Here they are:-

Force so far is 1xcorps command, 2x division command, 3xinf brigade, 1xgrenadier brigade, 2xguns. Quite a bit of conversion so far but really pleased with the results!

Monday, 4 May 2015

Basing for Blucher

   Lately we have been toying with Blucher. After some consideration we settled on an 80x60mm magnetic sabot. At the back of the sabot sits an 80x20mm label on steel paper making labels easy to change for each scenario. The labels are covered with transparent plastic so that they can be marked for casualties etc. and then wiped clean at the end of the day. The front 80x40 mm is filled by the troops . Our current bases are steel and are based 40x20 bases for infantry, 40x40 for cavalry, 40x40 for artillery. The infantry are in 3 ranks of 7 the cavalry in 2 ranks of 6, the artillery 3 guns per base.  So for the Blucher bases we would use 4 infantry, 2 cavalry or 2 artillery. I made a test shot of the infantry and I am very pleased with the results. The cavalry look even better I think.

This will almost certainly be the format we go with.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Memories of Troy

I refer of course to the wooden horse legend of Troy when the Greeks are said to have captured Troy by using a wooden horse. Now it's the turn of the French because I have just completed an entire reserve cavalry corps in MDF :)  .

           I have been working on this a while now. It represents the reserve cavalry corps serving in Italy with Eugene in 1809. The reality was some 6000 men. My troops are somewhat less but still has around 200 figures. here I present the force for your inspection. Once again the figures are 6mm MDF figures form "Commission figurines" The officers are from Adler.

A shot of the complete corps. I must say I can't wait to see it on the gaming table. Should be quite impressive. The corps was commanded initially by grouchy and the divisions from left to right are Guedin's dragoons, Pully's dragoons and Sahuc's light cavalry.

The left hand division consists of French regiments and the Italian dragoons. Some conversions here but most are straight from the box.

The centre division,  Pully's dragoons are French and again very few conversions

On the right is Sahuc's Light division. These featured in an earlier post.

Finally Grouchy's command base and the horse artillery attached at corp's level. These are scratch built limbers and teams and will eventually be replaced by MDF figures. 

                                       The completion of this corps marks the completion of the completion of the Italian army and my original target for this project. However I find myself completely immersed in the period right now so my next aim is the saxon corps serving with the army of Germany in 1809. I have a yearning for bicorne hats I guess!