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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

A bit of a drought!

                  I realised today that I hadn't posted lately. It's not from lack of effort because my 6mm wooden armies are growing at an alarming rate and I have far outstripped my original objectives. We are playing around with Blucher using the same troops and that's taken a bit of my time designing a sabot system etc. However that has all been a bit sidelined by the return of a health problem. It's not a new enemy but it is one I have defeated before so I am extremely optimistic and the prognosis is really good.

                 I have all but finished the reserve cavalry corps in Italy and need only 2 more bases to complete it. I have to say it looks pretty awe-inspiring and I have just finished the heavy guard artillery missing from my last post. All in good time. Photos to follow ASAP.

                 I am going to the UK on Friday to see old friends and for my annual pilgrimage to Salute. People moan about it but it's still the best shop window our hobby has and I really enjoy it! have fun folks!