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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Didn't it rain , rain, rain.......

             The rain reference is an entrance to my latest paint jobs on "commission Figuries" new French infantry in greatcoat. 6mm MDF wonders. They are awesome and the first figures to have a shouldered musket. I was so impressed when I received them I just had to get to work. To my surprise once painted and varnished the muskets are  remarkably resilient. If the figures have any weakness its in the legs which make the end of rows figures a bit vulnerable . I resolved this problem by soaking the legs with super glue before painting. Now the units are vulnerable only to the totally ham-fisted.

The formation depicted is Lamarque's division of 1809 from the army of Italy. The commanders are Adler personalities. Have I said how much I like them? heheh Hope you like the end result.

I think these are among the best of the figures to date. I decided that colour variation in coats would be by unit. Right or wrong it looks ok and it means I can paint the light infantry rgt grey and make it stand out

The gun battery uses the limber horses from the CF range, so these are the first of the all MDF gun batteries.

Future releases from CF include infantry in comb helmet for Bavaria etc and the Austrians. Really pleased by that as in 1809 Austrian infantry wore both types. 


  1. Those look absolutely smashing! Nice work.

  2. I saw these figures 'in the flesh' as it were at the recent WMMS show and was seriously impressed at the level of detail once painted up. The owner was happy to hear that I knew of his figures and of your Blog! I was tempted to buy them but have too many unresolved projects as it is:(.

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I still have this Irish dark age army from 2 projects ago.........