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Sunday, 8 February 2015

A Corps too far....

Yesterday 7/02 in our 4th Napoleonic day in Montmelo I presented with the help of a local player David a 6mm battle between Austrians and French using very large numbers of troops to test the capability of our hybrid rules to control a very large battle.  We used 9 army corps and fought a day long battle of 10 game hours with just one general per side. We managed to complete the day in 6 hours real time.

               We started with an empty table and spent 3 or 4 game hours entering our troops and making tactical moves prior to combat. The fighting began around 1 pm game time and was fast and furious until completion at 6pm. Both armies were fairly mauled and the battle was without a result at end of play despite a minor breakthrough on the left centre by the French cavalry corps. Both armies were however in condition to reopen combat the following day and we decided that we would play this out ASAP. A truly fun day but for 2 players probably a corps too far. Left for home feeling shattered but happy.