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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The march of the wooden wonders

                  I have been working furiously on the MDF figures from "commission figurines" (I'm still not sure if he is selling direct to the public as yet!) With each delivery , it's a bit like Xmas with new items in each packet.  I finally got time to photograph the latest stuff I have painted. You must consider that these do not have the eye candy effect of metal commercial figures but they are WAAAAAAAAAY cheaper and in mass they give the big battle effect I am aiming for. they are certainly a very big step up from hair-curlers heheheh!  Indeed they have a very old school look to them, very toy soldierish that seems to be fashionable at the moment. They mix perfectly with Adler 6mm as can be seen from the pictures of battles I posted earlier.  So here they are a variety of my efforts to date.

 Austrian light horse. wearing green still in 1809

. French Dragoons. A delight to paint .

 French Guard Fusiliers.. Love the plumes.

French Old guard grenadiers. 

Austrian German and Hungarian infantry.

Austrian grenadiers from both German and Hungarian regiments.

                              Heheheh for those worried about the presence of the guard we play corps level games and I have some 40 bases of French line painted already.  More to follow!


  1. Figures are soo tempting and look great! Excellent painting from you.

  2. These look quite good actually.

  3. Very, very impressive work Michael. They would quite happily grace my table any day. I'll be interested in his prices if and when he starts selling to the public.

    1. @steve J I'm not sure if he is selling direct or not but he has quite a few pictures on the website. I thinbk he is worried about not being able to maintain his output and letting folks down. He has been selling at a couple of shows and they went down a storm. I think an e mail to him will get results and he sells to those who inquire but don't take that as gospel