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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

And now for something a little lighter........

                      In fact a whole light division. The latest batch of figures from "Commission figurines had French chasseurs a cheval and hussars. I couldn't resist and painted up a light division for Snappy Nappy. I think they have come out really well and so I'm posting some photos . The divisional command base uses the wonderful personality figures from Adler. Is the CO modelled on Lasalle? I'm convinced he is so I painted it that way!

  The complete division part of the dragoon corps in the Italian theatre. No guns here at the moment as they are held at corps level. (well that's my excuse. )

 The Hussars . I really liked these. Because of the way the figures are produced, I expected them to be wearing the pelisse rather than hanging and so the hanging style came as a pleasant surprise
  The chasseurs are just the job. Both these and the hussars come with the legs separately defined
Very nice.

Finally the divisional command. These Adler figures really are the best 6mm figures I have ever seen. As I said I'm convinced he is modelled on the Lasalle painting.. Brilliant stuff.

                     Still lots to do as I'm getting ready for our 4th Napoleonic open day on the 7th of February in Montmelo.


  1. Excellent work once again. Nice to have the commanders as 'normal' figures.

    1. Thanks Steve not sure if you spotted my reply to you on a previous post so I'll repeat it here because I forgot to add the address. @steve J I'm not sure if he is selling direct or not but he has quite a few pictures on the website. I think he is worried about not being able to maintain his output and letting folks down. He has been selling at a couple of shows and they went down a storm. I think an e mail to him will get results and he sells to those who inquire but don't take that as gospel. his mail is commission at btinternet dot com

    2. I wanted to use the Adler figures not just because they are damned pretty but the very character of the command bases makes you focus on them and adds to the non descript appearance of the unit bases. Somehow enhances the effect of playing with an army. I always feel that a spectacular figures on sparsely filled bases gives that 2 friends in a field look that i dislike about bigger scales. I guess that's what got me into playing with haircurlers and card models to begin with.