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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Curlerman's bunker

                    Little of import to write about at the moment as I am extremely busy on the 6mm project. Our plan to create the two armies of the Austrian campaign is coming along nicely. Apart from that I have been floating around the forums I frequent under the nom de guerre of "curlerman". ( don't ask)
Several have discussed and posted photos of their wargames rooms. Several have rooms bigger then my house and many have tables bigger than my room but I'm still extremely proud of mine, so I thought I would give you an insight!.

                   When we bought our house we bought it knowing that we were basically lazy, preferred to spend our cash on leisure rather than bricks and mortar and hated gardening. So we bought a small house in a great location that would be minimalistic in maintenance terms. The downside was there would be no gigantic wargames room but I can live with that. When my wife decided that we would extend the house slightly to enlarge our living room and bedroom I agreed on condition that I could build a space big enough to have at least token gaming in, even if small. She agreed and "Bob's Bunker" became a reality!

                  The space available was 2 metres 40 x 1 mtre 40. yes that is the size of an average wargames table.  With that in mind I set out to design a space that would have 2 computers, my figure cabinets , a paint space and a wargames table. If "Ikea" can fit a student flat in a 10 x 6, then hell would freeze over before I admitted defeat. So I resigned myself to gaming with 6mm or 10mm figures only (I like those scales anyway) and the fact my gaming table would also be my painting table.  Building it and the furniture was a challenge but I can do that! heheheh.

Here's the end result

   Let me say I am incredibly proud of the bunker. It does exactly what I wanted to do and provides me with a space that is mine. The table at the end of the room is 1.20 m x 0.90 m and provides more than enough space for a single corps snappy nappy game in 6mm. All my scenic tiles are stored under the table on 2 small trolleys and all my precious figures (and curlers) fill every available square inch of the walls. So there it is my idea of heaven.

                I have just rebuilt the garage and that will provide a warm dry space for a larger table but nothing can compare to my bunker. heheheh


  1. Nice one! Take that Warlord Games and your "average" eight foot tables!


    1. Aye that always makes me smile. Even more so when you consider their games are normally divisional..heheheh