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Monday, 24 November 2014

And now for something completely different

         I'm afraid I have neglected my blog recently. Mainly because I have been so absorbed in a new project. A while back while surfing my way through forums, blogs and discussion groups etc. I spotted a game being played using what could only be 6mm MDF figures. Now I have been looking for a replacement source for my hair curlers with a view to playing corps level Napoleonics.

Sooooooooooooooo. after asking a few questions I found my way to an extremely helpful chap who is busily driving ahead with his business "commision figurines" who produces MDF buildings, tokens, markers and accessories. It seemed he had produced some mdf figures to supplement more expensive metal figures for large games. Using my most fawning approach I managed to get him to supply me with a largish amount of the figures he had produced so far. They are just great. They are laser cut semi-flats and at the time he was making only infantry and artillery but experimenting with other stuff too.  Here's a picture of a French division I painted up. Considering these are semi flat low detail figures , they are very nice when you apply the arms length rule. ie if you can't see it at arms length , why do you need it? I say they have low detail but they do have much more than I initially expected.

                      Since receiving these figs I have had further deliveries of differing troop types all relevant to my 1809 project. I recently had delivered the first of his cavalry of which I had a low expectation.. How wrong could I be? When painted I was simply blown away.

 Because of their semi flat nature , it's easy to paint on detail you think necessary, helped of course by the suppliers engraved detail applied to the flat surface. Anatomically the horses are remarkable.

                     As I understand it the supplier is working hard to build up supplies before fully commercialising the range but had figures for display at "DERBY" and for sales at "WARFARE" where he had a good reaction. The figures have been given a mention in this months MW. I have to declare no personal involvement in the company but do think that such innovative products should be supported by the hobby.

 Yesterday I laid on an action in Northern italy in 1809 between several Austrians and Franco/Italian army corps for a couple of my gaming friends here in Spain.. It was a blast we used the MDF figures I had painted ie most of the french and allies versus Adler Metals. The two products fitted together seamlessly and it was hard to say where the wood stopped and the metal started. My gaming partners were very impressed. Here's some photos of the action.

                               To sum up I think the figures are just great , have a truly economical price and will certainly continue to use them. In fact I will be following his new releases with some excitement.