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Monday, 1 September 2014

With growing excitement.

        Having no more figures available for painting on the imagi-neering front I sat in my bunker and thought long and hard on the ideas I had spawned in the last few days. If my duchies were to have navies, they must have marine battalions. The wooded hills and leafy valleys on the east bank of the lake might be covered by a hotchpotch of  small independant states. There was bound to be one with cossacks and expert hunters formed into irregular units. Trading nations need docks and trade centres to ply their trade, The growing colonies would require regular light troops who would also be needed in battles against those brutal eastern tribesmen. With each idea and fresh thought that tumbled onto the paper my excitement grew. Now this is what the hobby is about for me!

      While all this butterfly thinking went on I filled the time working on another city block in 6mm buildings. I put it together with items from my steadily declining stock of TBM painted buildings and a bit of scratch building.

 This sector is one of trade and warehousing and it's assembly contributed in part to the direction in which my thoughts were directed.

This sector is crying out for a new terrain board with a lakeside wharf and jetties. Should be interesting as I haven't worked on terrain tiles for a while.

At the end of all this rumination with a page full of ideas to keep me going , my resistance broke and I went to the pendraken web site and ordered another heap of figures. 


  1. I like the way this is going Robert:). Keep up the good work on the ideas front.

    1. I promised myself I would paint just enough figures for a decent game of Maurice. The project appears to be growing of it's own volition. Fortunately the time I have available since I retired means I can hang onto the tigers tail and enjoy the ride! heheh

  2. They look really good Robert. Can I ask if the garden walls are ones you've scratch built or if they're a commercial product?



    1. The walls are scratch built and because they are partially obscured by the flock etc I managed to fudge a decent finish by dry brushing with a variety of greys and greens.