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Thursday, 18 September 2014

off to war

      I have recently discovered a couple of thouroughly nice guys who wargame close to where I live in Catalonia. A minor miracle I might add. After 30 years of solo play I finally found opponents.  hallelujah!!!!!

     On Saturday they dragged me off to a 15mm Napoleonic tournament using the locally popular rules "Napoleon at War". Now there are a couple of minor snags to this arrangement

1/ I NEVER play divisional level napoleonics, only corps level.
2/ In preperation I had played two games using the rules and had barely reached novice status.
3/ perhaps the most damning , I didn't actually have any 15mm Napoleonics.

    The guys rapidly discounted all that crap, provided me with a 15mm army and bundled me into a car to go to Montmelo (the town not the race track). I had an excellent days wargaming in great company. Played 3 games of NaW more than doubling my experience and somehow (not quite figured out why yet) walked away with a copy of the rules as a prize. Most satisfactory. Now to introduce them to corps level wargaming and maybe even computer controlled table top games.

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