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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Chasing the butterfly

                  I have been a bit quiet on the blog front of late mainly because my Pendraken order is still en route and that dreadful butterfly struck again. Some of you may know I have long wargamed horse and musket wargames with haircurler and match stick armies.

However the haircurler our mothers and wives so loved are now technologically obsolete and my large bag of curlers is rapidly declining. I dallied with 3mm figures but they were simply too detailed for my tastes (I kid you not. The 3mm figures from Oddzmial Osmy are jaw-droppingly amazing).
 Recently I spotted some MDF 6mm figures on a forum I frequent and obtained a lot of them from the manufacturer who has asked me not to post details as he is still working on commercialising them. They are the perfect replacement for curlers. As a result I have started work on figures for a corps level Napoleonic based on an amalgam of "snappy nappy" and "altar of freedom" both of which I consider to be extremely innovative rulesets.

                       I further managed to get railroaded into painting some WSS Catalan figures from Eureka miniatures for a friend, to be used at a convention to be held here soon in Cataluña. Very pretty 15mm figures but way too big for me to enjoy painting these days. Anyway, pictures of all this in due course.

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