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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Chasing the butterfly

                  I have been a bit quiet on the blog front of late mainly because my Pendraken order is still en route and that dreadful butterfly struck again. Some of you may know I have long wargamed horse and musket wargames with haircurler and match stick armies.

However the haircurler our mothers and wives so loved are now technologically obsolete and my large bag of curlers is rapidly declining. I dallied with 3mm figures but they were simply too detailed for my tastes (I kid you not. The 3mm figures from Oddzmial Osmy are jaw-droppingly amazing).
 Recently I spotted some MDF 6mm figures on a forum I frequent and obtained a lot of them from the manufacturer who has asked me not to post details as he is still working on commercialising them. They are the perfect replacement for curlers. As a result I have started work on figures for a corps level Napoleonic based on an amalgam of "snappy nappy" and "altar of freedom" both of which I consider to be extremely innovative rulesets.

                       I further managed to get railroaded into painting some WSS Catalan figures from Eureka miniatures for a friend, to be used at a convention to be held here soon in Cataluña. Very pretty 15mm figures but way too big for me to enjoy painting these days. Anyway, pictures of all this in due course.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

off to war

      I have recently discovered a couple of thouroughly nice guys who wargame close to where I live in Catalonia. A minor miracle I might add. After 30 years of solo play I finally found opponents.  hallelujah!!!!!

     On Saturday they dragged me off to a 15mm Napoleonic tournament using the locally popular rules "Napoleon at War". Now there are a couple of minor snags to this arrangement

1/ I NEVER play divisional level napoleonics, only corps level.
2/ In preperation I had played two games using the rules and had barely reached novice status.
3/ perhaps the most damning , I didn't actually have any 15mm Napoleonics.

    The guys rapidly discounted all that crap, provided me with a 15mm army and bundled me into a car to go to Montmelo (the town not the race track). I had an excellent days wargaming in great company. Played 3 games of NaW more than doubling my experience and somehow (not quite figured out why yet) walked away with a copy of the rules as a prize. Most satisfactory. Now to introduce them to corps level wargaming and maybe even computer controlled table top games.

Monday, 1 September 2014

An overview to date

                          I guess this is a good time to record the forcres of both the duchies to the current time


 The army consists of 3 line battalions, one grenadier batt, one Irish batt, 1 guard cav, 1 line cav, one hussar rgt and 2 gun batteries.


The infantry are "old glory" and the cavalry from pendraken.


 The army has 2 guard batts, 4 line batts, 1 dragoon rgt (mounted and dismounted), 1 cuirassier rgt, 1 line rgt and 2 gun batts.

The figures are all from Pendraken.

      So now for part 2!

With growing excitement.

        Having no more figures available for painting on the imagi-neering front I sat in my bunker and thought long and hard on the ideas I had spawned in the last few days. If my duchies were to have navies, they must have marine battalions. The wooded hills and leafy valleys on the east bank of the lake might be covered by a hotchpotch of  small independant states. There was bound to be one with cossacks and expert hunters formed into irregular units. Trading nations need docks and trade centres to ply their trade, The growing colonies would require regular light troops who would also be needed in battles against those brutal eastern tribesmen. With each idea and fresh thought that tumbled onto the paper my excitement grew. Now this is what the hobby is about for me!

      While all this butterfly thinking went on I filled the time working on another city block in 6mm buildings. I put it together with items from my steadily declining stock of TBM painted buildings and a bit of scratch building.

 This sector is one of trade and warehousing and it's assembly contributed in part to the direction in which my thoughts were directed.

This sector is crying out for a new terrain board with a lakeside wharf and jetties. Should be interesting as I haven't worked on terrain tiles for a while.

At the end of all this rumination with a page full of ideas to keep me going , my resistance broke and I went to the pendraken web site and ordered another heap of figures.