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Thursday, 28 August 2014

oh dear almost finished!

I have a rgt of mounted dragoons based ready for "grassing up" and a rgt of hussars near to finished. It has just hit me that I have all but completed my original plans for the armies of the two duchies. Now I have to say that's a bit of a shame because I've had a lot of fun in designing flags and imagining the characters that populate them. I really can't justify bigger forces for the duchies as I imagined them and pondered a while on a solution. Then it occurred to me that I could introduce a few small counties and bishoprics each with 1 upto maybe three units to act as allies or neutrals. Now there's a thought!


  1. imagineering is fun and I find it often goes off with a will of t's own in directions I never thought of originally. Extra countries/bishoprics etc allow one to continue to have the fun of creating whist opening up loads of plot potentialities for alliances, invasions etc,Are you thinking of making maps too?

    1. Yes very much so! My original ideas are changing somewhat. When I first conceived Biehlberg and Gromstadt, they were very much "conventional" fictitious states set in the "real" Europe of the times fighting with and against the major powers of the time. Now however I have this vision of a large inland European lake similar to an American great lake connected to a major river with sea access. This opens up the prospect of small ship actions on the lakes, The lake becomes a major highway and trade forms the basis of much of the hostility between the Duchies. I see one as controlling the trade routes while the other is a more mountainous region with large mineral resources. Access to the sea of course opens up the possibilities of overseas wars etc. Nothing firm here yet but that's the thinking.