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Monday, 11 August 2014

Gromstadt reinforcements

                  My painting mojo continues to surpass itself. the next batch of figures from pendraken should arrive in a day or two and tonight I finished the previous batch.  If i can keep this up I may reduce the lead mountain to a metal blob this winter . Heheheheh

               The latest batch of completed figures includes two battalions of Gromstadt infantry, a regiment of cuirassiers and a regiment of horse. I really like these Pendraken figures and in particular the cuirassiers. My only complaint is there is too much detail to paint. Much more than is necessary to satisfy my arms length criteria. (if you can't see it at arms length, it's probably not necessary). I think they have turned out quite well.

Cuirassiers Von Gosch. I used seven years war prussians here. I removed the turnbacks.

1st horse regiment. Pendraken seven years war French. again with turnbacks removed.

3rd and fourth foot regiments. I used the French 7 years war figures without turnbacks. Nice position on these troops . I mixed them with the miscelaneous standard bearers. Very smart looking units.

The next batch from Pendraken is mainly dragoons mounted and unmounted and some hussars. I'm looking forward to painting those.


  1. Hi Robert,

    I really like what you're doing with these figures, they really look like proper units of men. Its good to see someone enjoying their painting.


    1. Thanks Richard. I have always loved the look of Peter Guilders "Grand manner" units but couldn't stomach the size of table required or the multiple life times needed to paint that many large scale figures. When I realised I could achieve it in 10mm and with only 4 bases per unit as per Maurice , I was well pleased!

  2. Lovely stuff and agree completely about using 10mm for the Gilder style units.