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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Avast there ye lubbers!

                                No it's not pirate week, it's me looking at the future of my two imagi-nations. The original plan was to set the duchies as vaguely Central European surrounded by real countries and forces but within those confines I can't really justify any further expansion.The current plan involves a large inland sea on the lines of an American great lake connected to the sea by a busy waterway. One of the duchies would have control of the waterway and hence the trade routes while the other would be rich in resources but having to pay exorbitant costs to move it's goods. The sea access would also open up the possibility of overseas trade and more importantly colonisation. That has given me more than enough food for thought for now. 

                              One of the other advantages of the great lake would be to allow me use of some rather nice 1/300 ship models I made from card ships sold by war artisans workshop

I like the idea of small merchant vessels plying their trade across the lake and off to the sea with escorts and warships from gunboats to very small frigates.

                I have a number of small merchants like the cutter and lugger shown in the picture above. I think most European rigs are covered both fore and aft and square rigged. For what are basically card models these really are quite nice.

                  The warships range from the sloops shown in both photos plus numerous gunboats and a few bigger ships like the brig shown in the second photo. I also have a 28 gun frigate planned. However all of this is in the "nebulous" stage of planning. Who knows what form it will finally take?

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  1. Nice idea to broaden the gaming/campaign possibilites of your Imagi-Nation forces. Looking forward to seeing how these progress...