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Thursday, 21 August 2014

A few units more.

              Despite my wife being in hospital for a few days, I have managed to maintain my momentum regards painting. Both units are from the forces of Gromstadt. The first is the second guard battalion the leibgarde and the other the dismounted version of the Gromstadt dragoons. I find the more imagi-nation units I prepare and paint , the more fun I seem to have doing it.

These are half of the guard regiment, the difference between the two battalions being the colour of the breeches.

I used the Pendraken bonneted dragoons from the LoA range because they matched the french dragoons from the thirty years war range. These are some of the best 10mm figures I have seen. Incredible detail.

I have the mounted dragoons ready for painting and am currently prepping a hussar rgt.


  1. Great looking figures.
    I hope your wife is feeling better soon.

  2. Good work Robert, hope your wife's okay.


  3. Thanks guys. My wife is ok . They admitted her with a suspected thrombosis. Fortunately this proved a false alarm and she has a minor problem easily treated. However once again it proved to me what a great stress reliever our hobby can be.