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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Avast there ye lubbers!

                                No it's not pirate week, it's me looking at the future of my two imagi-nations. The original plan was to set the duchies as vaguely Central European surrounded by real countries and forces but within those confines I can't really justify any further expansion.The current plan involves a large inland sea on the lines of an American great lake connected to the sea by a busy waterway. One of the duchies would have control of the waterway and hence the trade routes while the other would be rich in resources but having to pay exorbitant costs to move it's goods. The sea access would also open up the possibility of overseas trade and more importantly colonisation. That has given me more than enough food for thought for now. 

                              One of the other advantages of the great lake would be to allow me use of some rather nice 1/300 ship models I made from card ships sold by war artisans workshop

I like the idea of small merchant vessels plying their trade across the lake and off to the sea with escorts and warships from gunboats to very small frigates.

                I have a number of small merchants like the cutter and lugger shown in the picture above. I think most European rigs are covered both fore and aft and square rigged. For what are basically card models these really are quite nice.

                  The warships range from the sloops shown in both photos plus numerous gunboats and a few bigger ships like the brig shown in the second photo. I also have a 28 gun frigate planned. However all of this is in the "nebulous" stage of planning. Who knows what form it will finally take?

It's not over till the fat lady sings.!

       Well I have completed the forces I planned originally for Biehlberg and Gromstdt.:-

Biehlberg Dragoons mounted.I used the Pendraken French 7 years war version wearing a cap as per the LOA range. All I  had to do was carve off the turnbacks!

 Gromstadt Hussars. Again I used the Pendraken French Hussars but carved away the turn-backs and add the ribbon to the troopers helmets!

                     In theory this completes the project but I have enjoyed it so much that further change is necassary. I will introduce some smaller states and bishoprics with a few units each to act as neutrals and allies. It's also time to start mapping the duchies.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

oh dear almost finished!

I have a rgt of mounted dragoons based ready for "grassing up" and a rgt of hussars near to finished. It has just hit me that I have all but completed my original plans for the armies of the two duchies. Now I have to say that's a bit of a shame because I've had a lot of fun in designing flags and imagining the characters that populate them. I really can't justify bigger forces for the duchies as I imagined them and pondered a while on a solution. Then it occurred to me that I could introduce a few small counties and bishoprics each with 1 upto maybe three units to act as allies or neutrals. Now there's a thought!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

A few units more.

              Despite my wife being in hospital for a few days, I have managed to maintain my momentum regards painting. Both units are from the forces of Gromstadt. The first is the second guard battalion the leibgarde and the other the dismounted version of the Gromstadt dragoons. I find the more imagi-nation units I prepare and paint , the more fun I seem to have doing it.

These are half of the guard regiment, the difference between the two battalions being the colour of the breeches.

I used the Pendraken bonneted dragoons from the LoA range because they matched the french dragoons from the thirty years war range. These are some of the best 10mm figures I have seen. Incredible detail.

I have the mounted dragoons ready for painting and am currently prepping a hussar rgt.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Gromstadt reinforcements

                  My painting mojo continues to surpass itself. the next batch of figures from pendraken should arrive in a day or two and tonight I finished the previous batch.  If i can keep this up I may reduce the lead mountain to a metal blob this winter . Heheheheh

               The latest batch of completed figures includes two battalions of Gromstadt infantry, a regiment of cuirassiers and a regiment of horse. I really like these Pendraken figures and in particular the cuirassiers. My only complaint is there is too much detail to paint. Much more than is necessary to satisfy my arms length criteria. (if you can't see it at arms length, it's probably not necessary). I think they have turned out quite well.

Cuirassiers Von Gosch. I used seven years war prussians here. I removed the turnbacks.

1st horse regiment. Pendraken seven years war French. again with turnbacks removed.

3rd and fourth foot regiments. I used the French 7 years war figures without turnbacks. Nice position on these troops . I mixed them with the miscelaneous standard bearers. Very smart looking units.

The next batch from Pendraken is mainly dragoons mounted and unmounted and some hussars. I'm looking forward to painting those.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

What a year it's been..

        This has been my first year of complete retirement. Being the first Summer I haven't been working  every day for 3 months we had the opportunity to join our old gang on their annual "wrinkly meet". From 1966 to 1972 we were inseperable,  some 40 plus lads and lasses who shared all life had to throw at them. They were very full years. After 1973 we all went our own ways in marriage, parenthood, career paths and in several cases other countries. The bonds however never broke and each year for the last 22 years they have met each August and revisited their friendship and the heady days we shared.For my wife and I it was the first reunion. It was wonderful. I hadn't seen some of them physically for over 40 years but it was less of a reunion than picking up the conversation where we left off .  Very uplifting!
       Looking at my old friends, it came home to me that we are all enjoying the evening of our lives and it started me thinking on my own retirement and how I am loving it. I have never been a prolific painter but this year has been a revelation to me. Since January in a state of total relaxation I have started and almost finished my life long dream of a dark age britain project which included paining some 1100 10mm figures. I followed this by starting my other great dream of a couple of imagi-nations. It's well on the way now with around 500 figures painted so far. I have added numerous scenic pieces to my collection and generally explored a million ideas I have long cherished.  In May I made contact with and met the guys of my old wargames group from the mid 70's called  "the elite wargamers".  (Modesty was not one of our strongpoints)
       Finally After 30 years of looking I accidentally met another wargamer in the area I live in and have played a couple of games with him and his regular opponent. As I said at the beginning "WHAT A YEAR IT'S BEEN!!"

Ah well back to work!

Friday, 8 August 2014

slow but sure

 Well my Pendraken figures finally arrived and despite a weeks holiday in the UK I now have 2 battalions of infantry and a regiment of cavalry ready for basing while busily painting a second cavalry unit before the next batch of figures arrive. Thank goodness I didn't buy the whole lot in one go. It would have seriously depressed me. heheh