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Thursday, 17 July 2014

reminiscing of a long gone past

Whilst participating in a conversation on another blog I was reminded of a recent turn out I had of some 30 to 40 years of wargames magazines that were taking up almost a bedroom of space. On the subject of those magazines. Whilst sorting the piles of old mags I found my collection of wargamers newsletters. (almost a complete collection) Needless to say I forgot completely what I had been doing and sat enthralled by stuff I found so exciting all those years ago. I was especially excited by an article by a fourteen year old schoolboy on making armies from matchsticks and other items which was I believe the inspiration for my adventures in matchstick and eventually haircurler armies. Considering this must have been written some 40 years ago, I wonder what the schoolboy (now almost 60) would think of my serried ranks of matchstick and curler armies?.
            I sometimes wonder if we realise just how pampered we are for figures etc. The pages of those old newsletters were filled with conversions of obscure airfix figures and references to figure manufacturers long forgotten. What a time that was for me. every set of rules brought something new and every issue of the mag set me off on a fresh course. Oh Mr Featherstone if only you knew what a brilliant hobby you and Brigadier young launched me in to..

Thank you...


  1. Old Airfix magazines get me very nostalgic, as my Dad gave me a load in the early '70's (or there abouts). A good friend at work brought some in a few years a go and I was transported back in time in an instant. Many, many happy memories came flooding back:).

  2. it is a brilliant hobby indeed.
    I got rid of loads of magazines when I had to downsize around 17 years ago.The few oldish ones I kept by mistake give me great pleasure still...
    I glad you were transported through time so enjoyably.