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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Pink works for me

 I have been, in my opinion, very smart for this project. Instead of ordering all the figures I need before starting painting I decided to buy them in "paintable" quantities. When one package arrives I order the next lot to arrive just as I finish the current one. Smart heh? No depressing mountain. While I waited for the next delivery from pendraken I painted the Gromstadt artillery. another Biehlberg infantry battalion and a gaggle of generals. I pondered for a while on just what colour to use for the artillery and was sorely tempted by pink. I thought it might be amusing! I finally settled on a more macho salmon pink and I'm amazed by how it turned out.

Yeap!!! Salmon pink but it works for me..

 I really enjoyed working on the generals. I was worried that at 10mm it would be hard to get the personality of imagi-nations but they look good to me.

That wraps up the biehlberg infantry for now! SOON BE TIME TO PLAY!!!!

OK!! So there are 6 of em.. BRING EM ON!!

COME ON POSTY.  My Pendraken parcel left 7 days ago. GIMEE NOW!!!

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