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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Major towns BUA's

                    The postman appears to have mislaid my latest batch of figures from pendraken.  A bit of a pain but it has allowed me to hunt around for more stuff to do. After a few filghts of fancy My mind settled on the subject of built up areas for my 18th century troops.
                  Now I have always avoided using major towns in games because of the unrealistic footprint of the BUA's As a result, all of mine represent villages of varying sizes. Now in recent games I have been using 6mm buildings with 10mm scale figures and 3mm buildings with 6mm or smaller figures. This works very well indeed. As such I returned to thoughts of townships using downscaling and small footprints. How can you play imagi-nations without towns as they are the centre pieces of the economies.
                 I decided to set myself some parameters to begin with. First the average size would be no smaller than 90mmx90mm and no bigger than 120mm square. I would try to use only Town style buildings and avoid small cottages etc. and because I had so many I would use only the 6mm scale painted buildings I bought from Total battle miniatures for my haircurler armies.
                I have managed to finish two so far. the first is a large medieval town on a 120 x 90 base and the other a well off area on a 90x90 base. Heres some pics for your inspection. I have included some troop stands in some of the shots to show the effect of the building downscale. In my opinion it works really well and goes toward solving the footprint problem of larger BUA's

 The first effort was this medieval town. Once a mighty fortress but stormed by Imperial troops during the 30 years war when it's walls were torn down.

 I really packed the buildings into this one and it does I think work quite well. A bit of a shame that my town painting techniques are rubbish and didn't manage to match my destroyed walls colours to the original buildings

This one is meant to depict a new and thriving merchant community. It's missing something at the moment and I think that a statue or even a small fountain in the centre would set it off nicely 

So there you have it 10mm figures with 6mm buildings. Works fine for me!


  1. These look very nice indeed Robert. A friend of mine uses10mm buildings for his 15mm figures for the reasons you give. BTW, are these 6mm buildings?

    1. They certainly are. Having reread the post I see it wasn't obvious so I modified the post. They are from Total battle miniatures who used to have a painting service. Since I am incapable of getting a decent finish on buildings I decided to buy the finished article from him.. Wonderful buildings they are too. I just hadn't got around to mounting them till now.