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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Gromstadt infantry ADVANCE

      I'm trying to be a bit clever with this project and only order so much lead at a time. That way I get it painted before the next lot arrives. Quite exciting painting to a dead line. Bit pricey on postage for small lots though but then you can't win em all. So this package was from pendraken who I have decided will supply the Gromstadt infantry, all the cavalry and all the artillery. First up the Gromstadt infantry. pendraken figures and really very nice. A lot of painting though mainly because they are so detailed. When you have 60 figures in a battalion the detail doesn't seem so important.

Garde zu fusse battalion

 1st line inf.

2nd line inf

Some Biehlberg Horse

Again pendraken figures. Very nice lots of detail.. 

 Guard rgt. formed from the Garde grenadiers and the Garde du corps.

 !st Line horse rgt.

   I really enjoyed painting the cavalry. Quite challenging. Also 24 cavalry on a 120mm frontage is just an awesome site.

 The first of the Biehlberg artillery

Mounting more as we speak. I love this scale and the packed bases.

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