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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Biehlberg:- first steps

Time to present the first of my imagi-nation duchies and its armed forces. Biehlberg is a protestant state on the banks of the Gruhl River., a navigable tributary of the Danube. The duchy is a component of the Holy roman empire geographically but shares little of it's aspirations or indeed economic unity.  The armed forces at present consist of 4 battalions of infantry., the leib rgt, a grenadier battalion and a mercenary Irish infantry battalion. It also has 8 squadrons of horse in two rgts. and a limited amount of artillery

That's my starting point:-

 1st & 2nd Line battalions

 Irish Battalion

 Leib battalion

 The grenadier battalion

(unfortunately OG were short the last bag I needed to complete this unit.)

 I really am delighted with 10mm figs now. These infantry from Old glory are much better than I expected. I dont much like the cavalry and plan to use pendraken for them.


  1. Replies
    1. Michael? heheh nice name but i'm Bob. Glad you like them. Strangely enough I find the old glory figures easier to paint than the pendraken figs I'm doing now. Although they have less detail it seems somehow better defined.

  2. Great start indeed.What rules are you proposing using?

    1. Oh no doubts at all. It's Maurice I'm fascinated by the mechanics. I think they are a new approach that we haven't seen for a while in wargames rules.

  3. Great looking battalions, a very nice start, the mass effect is impressive!