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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Biehlberg:- first steps

Time to present the first of my imagi-nation duchies and its armed forces. Biehlberg is a protestant state on the banks of the Gruhl River., a navigable tributary of the Danube. The duchy is a component of the Holy roman empire geographically but shares little of it's aspirations or indeed economic unity.  The armed forces at present consist of 4 battalions of infantry., the leib rgt, a grenadier battalion and a mercenary Irish infantry battalion. It also has 8 squadrons of horse in two rgts. and a limited amount of artillery

That's my starting point:-

 1st & 2nd Line battalions

 Irish Battalion

 Leib battalion

 The grenadier battalion

(unfortunately OG were short the last bag I needed to complete this unit.)

 I really am delighted with 10mm figs now. These infantry from Old glory are much better than I expected. I dont much like the cavalry and plan to use pendraken for them.

Monday, 9 June 2014

soldiering on and those damn wings..

   I realised I had been a bit quiet recently so I thought I would make a short update. The imagi-nations project is fairly steaming ahead. I've finished 4 full infantry battalions so far. Considering there are 60 figures in each thats fairly satisfying.  however lots still to do and no pictures yet. I was a little disturbed by that damn butterfly over the weekend but have managed to resist however not sure that I can manage long term. It's the figures on this site that are calling to me