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Monday, 12 May 2014

Oh dear I hear the flutter of butterfly wings.

Last night I gave in to temptation. Almost beyond my control my fingers hit the keys and ordered a supply of 10mm marlburian figures. For a long while now I have been lured by the call of Imagi-nations and in my head have prepared 2 largish principalities on the borders of the empire. I recently aquired a copy of the Maurice rules and found them and the principles of them very attractive. Ah well too late now, the die is cast. I just hope I can finish the Picts and Irish before I give in completely to the sound of the butterfly's wings. Then again I just noticed the Pendraken lead pile and my copies of  Dux Britanniarum.  The weather is glorious too! Ho hum the joys of being a retired gent!

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  1. I very much look forward to your forthcoming imaginations...