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Thursday, 22 May 2014

I have a plan

                           Today I received my first batch of 10mm figures from the age of Marlborough. The first lot I bought from old glory and very nice they are too. My intention is 2 medium size duchies on the edge of the Empire, each with a history of avarice , envy and disputed territory.

                           The rules set will be "Maurice" I like the card driven system. The scale choice of 10mm was a result of my experience with the Arthurian project. I want lots of figures per battalion. because of space my initial leaning is for 30x30 bases at present. I can get 3 ranks of 6 figures on a base which means either 15 comfortable or 18 very cramped figures per base giving a minimum of 45 figs for 3 bases or 60 for 4 and it looks awesome. So that's the current plan. At the moment the project is in planning and purchase. This gives me time to finish the Dark age stuff.

Don't you just love having a plan?

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  1. I love having a plan (in fact I have too many of them) but hate not having the time to put them into action. For my ImagiNations I'm basing my two 'Duchies' or the like on Austria and the Balkans, so that I can have plenty of colourful units. Said units are composed from the wonderful Pendraken AWI and LoA ranges, with some other odds'n'sods thrown in. Oh if only I had the time...