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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

A "Gaggle" of Picts

                     After a lot of thought and planning , I have decided that enough is enough for the Picts . I'm stopping now as I have more than enough for a decent game. So here they are in all their glory!

    These have been the most challenging of the dark age armies so far. the conversion and sculpting needed to get the variety I like in my armies was way beyond my expectations.

    On the positive side , I have learned to work with green stuff and aquired the tools to do so. Whatsmore in my opinion I have an army that is unique and a pleasure to game with.

   I really like the look of this army and look forward to gaming with it

After the effort Spent on this force I feel I really need a change. I'm going to put the irish and Frankish armies on the back burner and surrender to the siren call of 18th century Imagi-nations. More of this at another time.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Poorer Picts

                                 I finally managed to finish another element. I decided on a less well equipped unit. A few well ,off characters but the rest are poorly dressed without helmets and shields in most cases.

I concentrated principally on the diorama type arrangement to re enforce the irregular nature of the troops with a strong front line and the others bunching together for protection.

That leaves just 3 more infantry elements to complete but I need to consider if I really need to make them as I can't see them being used.

I have a plan

                           Today I received my first batch of 10mm figures from the age of Marlborough. The first lot I bought from old glory and very nice they are too. My intention is 2 medium size duchies on the edge of the Empire, each with a history of avarice , envy and disputed territory.

                           The rules set will be "Maurice" I like the card driven system. The scale choice of 10mm was a result of my experience with the Arthurian project. I want lots of figures per battalion. because of space my initial leaning is for 30x30 bases at present. I can get 3 ranks of 6 figures on a base which means either 15 comfortable or 18 very cramped figures per base giving a minimum of 45 figs for 3 bases or 60 for 4 and it looks awesome. So that's the current plan. At the moment the project is in planning and purchase. This gives me time to finish the Dark age stuff.

Don't you just love having a plan?

Monday, 12 May 2014

Oh dear I hear the flutter of butterfly wings.

Last night I gave in to temptation. Almost beyond my control my fingers hit the keys and ordered a supply of 10mm marlburian figures. For a long while now I have been lured by the call of Imagi-nations and in my head have prepared 2 largish principalities on the borders of the empire. I recently aquired a copy of the Maurice rules and found them and the principles of them very attractive. Ah well too late now, the die is cast. I just hope I can finish the Picts and Irish before I give in completely to the sound of the butterfly's wings. Then again I just noticed the Pendraken lead pile and my copies of  Dux Britanniarum.  The weather is glorious too! Ho hum the joys of being a retired gent!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

The last skirmishers.

 I finally got myself back into gear and finished the last of the Pictish skirmish elements

These are almost all conversions. I'm now getting the hang of using the green stuff and beginning to enjoy it.

  I varied the look of these by experimenting using Roman heads from Pendraken figures and that worked quite well.

 That now completes the skirmish elements so I decided to do a couple of shots of them all together. They really look the part. 10mm figures on big bases look so much better than 2 28mm figs on a skirmish base. It really achieves the "cloud" of skirmisher look.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

delayed by the globe of light

                           I have to admit to have being sidetracked by the arrival of summer. The weather here has been astounding and I have been enjoying the moment rather than grinding on with the picts. Today I managed to get some work done and have a couple of skirmish elements almost completed.