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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Home again

                         Just got back from the UK and my annual visit to Salute where as a result of some help from Bob Cordery  I managed to get back in contact with some very old pals from Elite wargamers (yeah we were a modest lot) with whom I had an excellent pub lunch and relived games gone by and our early pioneering work  on computer aided table top wargaming. (Using Tandy RS80 computers back in 1980). I have to say I really enjoyed it as in most cases we hadn't seen each other for over 30 years.

                        With regard to Salute itself and having now read some of the reviews, I am wondering if I attended the same show as they did. I arrived at 10:15 clutching my pre paid tickets. I understand there was a queue for pre-paids that was quite long and took about 15 minutes to go through once the doors opened but to be honest if you arrive before a venue opens is it any wonder that you have to wait. If 2000 of you arrive before it opens that makes the wait a little longer. When I arrived at 10:15 the queue was gone and my small party sailed straight through. I thought that the games on offer were original and was stunned by the amount of traders. What a healthy hobby we have if so many traders can be supported. I guess we have the internet to thank for that. I missed the bring and buy but not too much. I was thankful for the bigger aisles as I suffer from rucksackaphobia (or maybe it's the sheer lack of consideration for others shown by those that use them). I felt the extra bay used this year made the show a little colder because of it's sheer size but all in all , I enjoyed it. I went home a little cash poorer than when I went in but did manage not to add too much to the lead mountain. Will I go back next year? Yeap was fun.

                        I aquired some new silicon shapers for working with green stuff, a few brushes, some new tufting material with wild flowers etc and of course 4 or 5 packs of dark age figures from kallistra. I was blown away by the quantity of dark age material available in all scales and by the quality of the scenery on the majority of the games. What a game changer laser cut MDF has become. Beautiful stuff and relatively cheap. 

                        So that's the trip done and done with and I can get back to the part finished elements I left on my work bench. Talikng of MDF I also bought a paint stand and a couple of paint brush holders. really like these and very cheap.

I bought them from Progressive engineering.   Here's the link    Progressive engineering

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