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Monday, 7 April 2014

a little self indulgence

                                    I spent the weekend preparing another pile of picts for conversion and painting and found myself with an excess of green stuff on hand. I decided to experiment and see just what I could do with a bit of concentration and effort. I remembered a picture in one of my books of a dark age warlord on an armoured skirted horse and decided to see what I could do. I did feel a little restricted by skills and if I'm honest impatience. (trying to do stuff before the initial conversions had cured) I am however delighted with the final result.

I chose the command figure from the Kallistra Norman unarmoured cavalry as the base figure. I really liked this for it's animation and the horse is really nice.

The shield I chopped from a saxon infantryman and the shield design is of course one of my custom ones from LBM. I may mount him on a light cavalry element as the commander of the light units.

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