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Thursday, 24 April 2014

My "Tuatha" rides out! Oh and more picts

      As I said in my last post, I got a little side tracked from my endless grind of pictish elements to work on an Irish general. I wanted him in chariot but not as a separate chariot element. I have therefore mounted him with his companions who are noble cavalry and the element will act  and fight as a cavalry general and companions. As a centrepiece the element has the noble on armoured horse I posted earlier and the chariot and these are accompanied by a varied number of companions all of which are heavily converted. I have decided to add a tuft of heather or two on each Irish base to distinguish them.

The chariot is a yoke and wheels from a commercial wagon (no idea which) and the rest constructed from plastic card and paper. The general is an armoured Saxon warrior conversion. The driver is from a wagon kit

The figures are all Kallistra conversions from various ranges. I'm starting to lose track of which but the majority are from the unarmoured norman cavalry and Romano-brit horse archers.

 I took some shots of the main characters during construction to better display the chariot.

I had to mount the chariot on card to heighten it to match the horses but this wasn't a problem as the lava sand would hide this. I tried to model the companions with their centre of attention on the general.

I'm so glad now I mounted the cavalry on 60x60 bases as the extra room has really facilitated the diorama possibilities.

     All in all I'm highly delighted with the result. He is if nothing else,  completely unique heheheh.


                                      Being a bit "dulled" by the grind of the Pictish bases I decided to concentrate on the skirmishers which use far less figures.  Lots of conversions here and I also made use of some new vegetation i.e. tufts I acquired on the net. The jury is still out on the tufts but the elements look ok

These are all conversions of the unarmoured Normans and Romano-brit horse archers. I seem to have overdone the diorama effect as I am having trouble locating the forward edge of the elements

I only need one more mounted skirmish element now and have to say I have really enjoyed making them.

The foot skirmishers are all from a mixture of kallistra infantry packs and I have reached the stage that I have no idea from which packs they came. I have tended tio use semi naked ones but a few clothed ones crept in for variety.

       I have only a few picts left to make now. and hopefully I can complete them over the next week Then it's on to the irish.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Watch this space.

              On Thursday evening I was basing up my mounted skirmish elements and about to glue on the armoured noble on his armoured horse I posted a couple of posts ago. Then it hit me! What a waste. He was too nice to stick among a load of skirmishers. It then occurred to me that I had another project boiling away on the back burner. An Irish warlord in a chariot with mounted companions. It was obvious, I would combine the two. As always I couldn't wait. I scratch built a chariot, converted some riders for the chariot and prepared a number of nobles on horseback for the companions. I am waiting for paint to dry while I type and have to say that I'm quite excited about the way this is going to turn out.   I should get it based and turfed up tomorrow, so as the title says ----

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Home again

                         Just got back from the UK and my annual visit to Salute where as a result of some help from Bob Cordery  I managed to get back in contact with some very old pals from Elite wargamers (yeah we were a modest lot) with whom I had an excellent pub lunch and relived games gone by and our early pioneering work  on computer aided table top wargaming. (Using Tandy RS80 computers back in 1980). I have to say I really enjoyed it as in most cases we hadn't seen each other for over 30 years.

                        With regard to Salute itself and having now read some of the reviews, I am wondering if I attended the same show as they did. I arrived at 10:15 clutching my pre paid tickets. I understand there was a queue for pre-paids that was quite long and took about 15 minutes to go through once the doors opened but to be honest if you arrive before a venue opens is it any wonder that you have to wait. If 2000 of you arrive before it opens that makes the wait a little longer. When I arrived at 10:15 the queue was gone and my small party sailed straight through. I thought that the games on offer were original and was stunned by the amount of traders. What a healthy hobby we have if so many traders can be supported. I guess we have the internet to thank for that. I missed the bring and buy but not too much. I was thankful for the bigger aisles as I suffer from rucksackaphobia (or maybe it's the sheer lack of consideration for others shown by those that use them). I felt the extra bay used this year made the show a little colder because of it's sheer size but all in all , I enjoyed it. I went home a little cash poorer than when I went in but did manage not to add too much to the lead mountain. Will I go back next year? Yeap was fun.

                        I aquired some new silicon shapers for working with green stuff, a few brushes, some new tufting material with wild flowers etc and of course 4 or 5 packs of dark age figures from kallistra. I was blown away by the quantity of dark age material available in all scales and by the quality of the scenery on the majority of the games. What a game changer laser cut MDF has become. Beautiful stuff and relatively cheap. 

                        So that's the trip done and done with and I can get back to the part finished elements I left on my work bench. Talikng of MDF I also bought a paint stand and a couple of paint brush holders. really like these and very cheap.

I bought them from Progressive engineering.   Here's the link    Progressive engineering

Monday, 7 April 2014

a little self indulgence

                                    I spent the weekend preparing another pile of picts for conversion and painting and found myself with an excess of green stuff on hand. I decided to experiment and see just what I could do with a bit of concentration and effort. I remembered a picture in one of my books of a dark age warlord on an armoured skirted horse and decided to see what I could do. I did feel a little restricted by skills and if I'm honest impatience. (trying to do stuff before the initial conversions had cured) I am however delighted with the final result.

I chose the command figure from the Kallistra Norman unarmoured cavalry as the base figure. I really liked this for it's animation and the horse is really nice.

The shield I chopped from a saxon infantryman and the shield design is of course one of my custom ones from LBM. I may mount him on a light cavalry element as the commander of the light units.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Slowly, slowly.

                   Not much in this update because I have been a bit busy with real life stuff. I have only finished two more elements one a cavalry skirmish element and another ordinary warrior base. Very pleased with the cavalry . The conversions have turned out really well.

 All the figures are conversions of Norman cavalry and late Roman horse archers. I added cloaks and long hair from green stuff. I tried to present them as forming a cantabrian circle, Worked ok.

Nice little grouping again all are conversions . Mounted to show a hastily forming shield wall.