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Thursday, 6 March 2014

The might of the saxons

             So the job is done. The Saxon army is finally complete. Time to move on. I have to say I am absolutely delighted with the end result. Here's a few group pictures to show them off in all their glory!

The final images are close to what I had hoped to achieve. They have lots of animation, individuality and are pretty damn irregular. I learned a lot making this army. All I need to do now is apply it to the picts.


 I plan to do a few specials before I start again. I have some wagons , animal groups and some purely scenic pieces to paint and mount and it will be a good idea before I dive into the Picts and Irish.


  1. As a fellow 10mm enthusiast, I'm amazed at your work. Please tell me those shields are decals, otherwise I shall feel embarrassed at my own brushwork. Nicely done!

    1. The straight geometric designs are hand painted but the intricate shield designs are indeed decals. They are by Little Big men studios and are IMO the finest decals available at the moment and the easiest to work with as they are NOT wet slide but place and stick. The figures are kallistra 10mm which are "BIG" 10mm nearer 12mm. There are unfortunately no shield designs for this scale other than late Roman for pendraken and magister militer. I sampled all the shield decals available for 15mm figs for dark age material in particular those for small 15's like essex. Eventually I found 2 or 3 sheets that by cutting the decals down a bit and/or making new card shields I could use.. Lots of work but worth the effort. More recently I have discussed the problem with Steve from LBM and found him a most helpful guy. He can, time permitting, resize some of his 28mm designs at a price of course. I already have some custom made for the Picts and irish in this scale. It does mean you have to replace all the shields but the results speak for them selves

  2. Superb work once again ... looks like a real army :-)

  3. These look fantastic Robert! You should be bery proud of your efforts:).

  4. The might indeed! Such a splendid sight seeing the army laid out like this. Great work!