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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Some more extras

When I started painting for this post the objective was a flock of sheep. It proved to be quite boring and I started flipping through variuous book. As I did i came upon a Roman carriage that really caught my eye so I decided to model it. Here are the results of both items.

Those Baa lambs

Not a lot to be said here. It's a flock of sheep. Job done!

The carriage

                Now I may have got this wrong because after looking again at the diagrams in my books it could well be that the roof is a loose canvas one which makes my hard top version look a bit silly . Oh well I still like the end result! heheh

The wheels,rider and horses are from a kallistra wagon , the rest is pure scratchbuild. I can see this featuring in an "ambush on the way to a wedding scenario!

Well I have enjoyed the diversion so I guess it's time for a new faction.

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