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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Picts, picts and more picts

                           This project is getting more enjoyable with every army I attempt. I'm starting to get the hang of using green stuff now and that really broadens the possibilities of just how much you can change a figure. This next batch of picts consists of two elements of normal cavalry , 2 of skirmishers on foot with javelins and/or short spears and one more warrior element.

Normal Cavalry

These started out mainly as unarmoured Normans or British horse archers so lots of conversions here. I made them mainly javelin and short spear armed. Not many high status warriors and little armour.

Adding the cloaks gave them that look that says picts and the long hair worked too. Several have spare javelins in their hands or a case with javelins in.. Nice toys heheh

ordinary Sheldwall/warrior element

 Real concoction of figures here. I have sort of lost score of which packs they come from. Added a lot of hair and cloaks and I am fairly satisfied with how they look.

Javelin armed skirmishers 

Having read somewhere that the young skirmishers would often diuscard clothing to facilitate ease of movement I sorted all the half naked figures I had. I also read some warriors wore wolves heads so built that in too. Lots have spare javelins.

The army is about 60% finished now. I have some more skirmish elements and 5 infantry to do. I hope I can sustain the enjoyment.

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