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Friday, 21 March 2014

Pict me a winner

     The first of the picts have landed and well pleased I am too.. I have completed six elements in all and they have turned out ok. Lots and lots of conversions here!

Mounted lord and companions

Decided to make a fair number of these armoured . most of the work went into adding Long hair, neck guards on helmets and Cloaks. I used green stuff and it wasn't so bad to work with.. Have to say the custon decals made for me by LBM are just beautiful.

Lord and companions on foot

      Conversions consisted of long hair, lowering the hemline of the tunics on the elite warriors and adding cloaks. I included mainly high status and middle status warriors.

I did try my hand at plaids and decided life was too short but I did paint coloured borders on the tunics.

Noble warriors

     The noble warriors are a mix of mailed and warriors of various levels. Conversions similar to the lord but lesser status.

Lower status infantry

  Similar conversions to the nobles but I used poorer dressed figures and some have no shields or helmets.

I painted in drab colours and included 2 or 3 higher status figures as lower lords.

So that's the first batch finished. I'm currently prepping some lower class cavalry and another three foot elements. More of that next time


  1. I have a soft spot for Picts and you have done them proud - well done great figures!

    1. Many thanks. I personally think they are some of the best stuff I have ever done. Not just for the painting and converting but also the massed base efferct that really reproduces a dark age feel.

  2. Wow, these look fantastic Michael! The shield conversions and designs are superb. Well done you!

    1. Aye , I owe a big thank you to Steve from LBM. Those shield designs take them from being decent figures to awesome. I do so wish I had talked to Steve earlier. If I had ordered custom sized designs for the other armies life would have been so much easier. So lesson learnt . It costs nothing to ask and sometimes they respond as LBM did. The shields are in reality a little oversize but i felt any smaller and you would lose that lovely detail.

  3. Hi i have only recently discovered the joys of ten mil war-gaming miniatures and have been looking through your blog for inspiration. these miniatures look brilliant just pure skill painting them man

    1. Thanks for the comments. However I think the look of this project owes as much to the effect of packing the bases and those wonderful shield decals from LBM as much as to my painting.