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Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Well I have had a very busy time the last week or so. I used a sudden surge of motivation to finish the last of the Saxons. Only one warrior element to go after this lot and hopefully I can finish that later today. LOTS of conversions in this batch!

Saxon Noble cavalry

                              I wanted these to be significantly different to the Late Roman and Romano-Brit cavalry which are all from the two Kallistra packs so I decided on some figures from the Copplestone fantasy range that blend in well with the kallistra figures.

I did a lot of work on helmets and head changes to make the figures less "Fantasy" and more early medieval Britain. I added a Pendraken late Roman horn blower. He was a bit larger than his brothers and fits in well with the Copplestone figures


With both elements I continued to apply irregular groupings as with the infantry. They look ok to me.


Warrior element

This is the penultimate warrior element. I used a lot of poorly dressed figures for this group and went for a "pushing forward" appearance. I managed to fit shields and spears together to achieve the effect.



I think there are some some nice conversions in the slingers including a couple of converted archers.


 Just a selection of unarmoured figures here but at least it completes the skirmish elements.



I have to try to plough ahead now but I'm having a problem with this because the postie delivered a new parcel on Monday that has wet my appetite a little . More later.

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