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Sunday, 9 March 2014

First steps in pictland

                                         I spent yesterday bringing together the figures I would need to make both the Picts and the Irish. Now it seems to me that the Pictish nobles are into long hair and longish dresses. ie their tunics appear to have been longer than those of their Southern friends. may be a cold weather thing who knows. I couldn't seem to find any suitable figures for these but I remembered seeing pictures of lunatics who did things with green stuff. Now it's not a medium I've used before and any thought of carving this stuff in 10mm scared me rigid!. I also remembered the kallistra barbarian horde figures I had that I decided were beyond my skills for conversion. I was suddenly hit with that nothing ventured nothing gained spirit. So I took a few horde and some armoured Saxons and began the great adventure. Now the great sculptors definitely have nothing to fear from my efforts but I do like the results so far.  I thought I would take some progress pics and hopefully some of you who read this blog might tell me if the direction I'm going looks ok.

The two right hand figures are Saxons and those I merely extended the tunics. The rest are barbarians and I used them as a frame to support the sculpt. What do you guys think?

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