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Monday, 10 March 2014

First steps in pictland ptII

                          After publishing the first conversion attempts on the Picts last night, I decided to paint the test pieces and see how they turned out. I also intended to apply my new custom decals to get full effect.

Here's how they look.

So what was the result of the experiment. Am I in love with them? Well not completely. On the down side they are not the best looking models in my collection and highlight my need to REALLY practice green stuff moulding before I launch into the rest of the army. On the positive side even accepting my shit sculpting they DO look like the pictures of Pictish nobles I see in my reference books. The new decals look AWESOME. Many thanks to Steve from Little Big Men studios. Fortunately the measurements are good and the small shield design exactly matches the tiny disc produced by paper punches for A4 pages. That will save me soo much work. Now if I could only find a 6.5mm hollow punch) . As conversions, they are unique! heheh . I can be certain no one else has an army like them. (I think that's a positive anyway.) It also means I can use the kallistra Barbarian horde pack rather than toss it in the bin.
           So has it been a success? I think weighing things up yes and with a bit of sculpting practice on my part I can go ahead on this route. Watch this space


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    1. Thanks. I just visited your railway blog. I am so envious. As a pre teenager my fathers huge basement railway got me started on the road as a modelmaker. Our dream was a garden railway like yours. As a result of downsizing we lost the railway habit but I always admire it in others. Well done.

    2. The ride on railway was a labor of love but alas we had to move this past fall. Will have to start a new line this Spring. Can't do much outdoor work in Wisconsin winters so painting model soldiers was this winter's project. Your blog is great inspiration, thanks!

  2. I think you do yourself a disservice as they looking pretty good I'd say!

    1. cheers but the paint and in particular those gorgeous shield decals distract the eye from a multitude of sins. In real life the figures are not great proportionally and resemble jolly Michelin men. I need to learn to apply green stuff thinly.

  3. I think you're off to a great start! Looking forward to seeing this develop.