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Monday, 17 March 2014

Experimenting some more.

Hi Folks
             I'm still here but I have really been pressing on with the Pict infantry. I have around 80 at various stages of conversion and painting etc. The curing time for the green stuff is the biggest hold up, hence the reason for batching the work. Yesterday morning, I found myself with a bit of a hold up so I decided to experiment with the cavalry. I spent a few hours working up a unit of Noble cavalry and have to say they have come up rather well, Can't wait to paint them.

 The base figures are all Kallistra. The armoured figures are from the sub roman cavalry pack.  Thye rest are "unarmoured Norman cavalry" and "sub roman horse archers". The main effort was to  change the shields and weapons, modify the Norman helmets by flattening them and adding neck guards. Finally I added a few cloaks with green stuff. Added long hair to the horse archers as well.
Not easy but fun.

Ok back to the infantry..


  1. These look great! Looking forward to seeing them painted.

  2. They look very nice Robert and certainly look forward to seeing them painted and based.

  3. Thanks guys. I'm really excited as my skills in using green stuff increase. The conversion possibilities are enormous.