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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Bringing in the yearlings

                                On Monday I received a package from Irregular miniatures with various figures, a chariot and a LOT of animals. The figures just don't fit with the ones I'm using and the chariot is somewhat cruder than I am used to with irregular however parts of it can be salvaged to use in a scratch build. The animals however certainly inspired me!

                               Bringing in the yearlings was inspired by a memory from "sword at Sunset" by Rosemary Sutcliffe. It's about the bringing in the young horses from winter forage to prepare their training as war horses. Not only did I like the idea but it will provide a target for raids.

To my taste, the Irregular horses were a bit short on animation. IMO they resembled the wooden Trojan horse. Alittle judicious head twisting and kneck bending certainly livened them up. The Horse wrangler is from a Copplestone fantasy pack and may just be a model of Legolas

Despite  that I think he works quite well


Now for that last element!!

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  1. oh these look so cool....great work,
    well done