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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

A labour of love?

    Hmm the pict part of this project looks like being a very slow process. The main points are longer tunics for higher class warriors, long hair, adding detail like neck guards to helmets etc. is really taking it's toll. I have been working on them almost non-stop since Saturday and so far I have completed:-

7 noble warriors fully painted
14 higher class warriors converted and primed
14 mixed class warriors converted with green stuff curing.
28 lower class warriors prepped ready for conversion.

Now I'm retired so when I say full time ,that's exactly what I mean. Thank goodness I'm retired or else I may never have finished them.  Here's the incomplete but converted stuff so far.

The application of green stuff and its sculpting is proving a bit outside my comfort zone, I'm slowly getting the hang of it but it's not proving as easy as folks make it look heheh. I have decided to change the way I work.

Instead of preparing and painting one element at a time, I have decided to convert and paint a largfe mix of warrior types and then pick and mix for several elements. This may make the work less of a chore if I can complete them in batches.

Time to press on.


  1. I admire your dedication Robert, talk less of your ability to stay focused. I tend to wander from project to project over a long period of time, only slowly getting things completed, if they ever are that is!

    1. That's how I know I'm enjoying this project. I'm a butterfly of the worst kind with a lead mountain that is rarely equalled. I've never managed to sustain interest in a period like this one.