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Sunday, 2 February 2014

The rest of the saxons - strike 1

                  So Saxons it is. In preparation I laid out and photographed the army so far.

They looked ok. The individual figures were reasonably painted and the character of the figures said "SAXON" but I just felt a little dissatisfaction with the appearance. Took me a while to work it out but then It occurred to me the problem was regularity. They were supposed to be warriors. Headstrong, willfull and hard to control. Mine looked a little bit too formal in terms of  layout..  What I had so far was the lord and companions (heavily armoured). Three minor warlords and their companions (majority armoured) and three lesser warbands about a third armoured. I had six of these lesser bands to do so decided on 3 courses of action.
  •  Every figure would be different or at least repositioned and only 3 of them armoured.
  • I would use only 15 or 16 figures in each warband leaving room for a less organised look
  • They would be made to look more like my idea of irregular warriors in that I would try to make smaller compact groups, push some groups forward on the base and leave others further back to represent the less armoured or "reluctant" warriors

With those points in mind , I set to work on Friday night. I finished the first element last night. Mighty pleased I am too.

The warband has only three armoured figures. I used very few decorative shield designs. There are a far greater variety of shield types. Finally I dumbed the colours down to use less striking colours to give a "poorer" appearance and finally applied the grouping I considered earlier.  This is best shown in the lower right. with a group of 3 armoured figures including the warlord pushed forward with several of the second rank trying to crowd forward onto them. The finishing touch is the line of 6 warriors to the rear of the base shouting their encouragement . heheh. Yeap very pleased with the end result. That only leaves another 5 to do. Knowing my ability to concentrate my efforts , like Captain Oates "I may be some time "!  

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